How to live a healthy lifestyle as a student – interview with Bailey Rosberg

I met Bailey on Instagram. She just got her business degree and now she is studying to become a personal trainer. In this interview, we talk all about combining a healthy lifestyle with studying.

Can you tell us something more about yourself?

I am 23. I grew up on a farm and I have 16 siblings. I have a big family. In the future, I want to travel a lot.

Do you think it was an advantage or a disadvantage to grow up in such a big family?

I think it was an advantage. You have to grow up fast and you have to help out. If you are the only child, you don’t have those responsibilities.

Are you still a student?

Yes. I am finishing up my last class for my PT course. I also did business studies for 4 years and I got my degree. Right after that, I started my personal training course.

Do you think it’s easier or harder to live a healthy lifestyle as a student?

I think it can be a little bit more difficult. As a student, you want your studies to be your priority. Time management, balancing and knowing what your priorities are, is important. You have to find the right balance for you.

How do you live healthy on a student budget?

When I started trying to be healthy, I tried to prep my meals or buy healthy options. If you go out with friends, you can try to make healthier choices like eating a salad. I tried to buy cheaper options. You don’t have to buy the expensive healthy food. You can if you want to but it’s not necessary. Try to go home and eat there instead of going out for fast food.

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How do you combine your student life with a healthy lifestyle?

I try to have healthier options when we go out for dinner. It also helps to find friends that are interested in the same things or at least support you. Your friends shouldn’t push you to have a lot of drinks or pizza. If you don’t want pizza, it helps a lot if your friends understand.

Do you change up your workout routine during the exams?

I would say, if you need to study a lot or you are struggling with something you can take more rest days or do a shorter workout or something more simple like a yoga session or an ab workout. You don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit. Personally, going to the gym is my stress reliever. If I go to the gym, I can focus better afterwards. You need to take a break anyways.

Do you change your food intake during the exams?

I want more snacks when I am at home but overall, my food stays the same.

How did you manage to find what works for your body?

It has taken a long time for me to accept my body the way it is. I had to find the perfect workout style for me. I have tried cardio or doing a combination. Doing personal training classes helped a lot. I now know the order of things and that different things work for different people. I have done a lot more research lately about things like progressive overload. Changing the intensity of my workouts helped a lot too. I eat a lot so increasing the intensity of my workouts made my body change. I had to learn and keep my mind open. There are so many different ways of working out and eating. You have to find what works for you and your body. Once you find it, you need to keep researching it and you need to trust the process.

Are you eating intuitively?

Yes. I try to stick to the healthier side. If I really want something, I eat it and I don’t worry about it too much. I have tracked my food before. I had to do it for certain classes for my PT course. It helped me and it worked for a while but I find myself always leaning towards to the intuitive part and eating what I enjoy. It works. In reality, you will not always be able to track. You will eat out. Your body needs food. You need to listen to your body and your mind needs to be healthy.

What are your best tips for students to find a good balance between school, free time and health?

Prioritization. For me personally, I had a real student life. I loved being social and active and doing things with my friends. A big advantage was that a lot of friends were into fitness. As soon as my classes got harder, I studied more and focused less on going out and working out. I used to work out 2 hours at a time and it was bad. I thought this was necessary. Time management is super important. If you are studying with your friends or watching a movie together, that is still being social. Try to find friends that support what you’re doing and that will help you a lot. If you really want something, go for it. If you really want that healthy lifestyle or that education or that social life, your body and mind can do it. I worked 3 jobs at one time and I was working out and going out with friends every now and then. It is possible but you just have to know what you want in life.

I think this interview was super interesting for us students! Bailey gave us some great tips and I want to thank her for doing the interview.



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