10 things I can’t live without as a fitgirl

I didn’t have any interviews to post this week so I decided to share 10 things that make my fitness journey a lot easier. Keep on reading if you are curious!

1. Squat proof leggings

What fitgirl can live without squat proof leggings? I didn’t used to pay a lot of attention to my leggings being squat proof until I found out you can see my underwear through some of them. That is not really something I want. My favourite squat proof leggings are from QueenieKe and Gymshark. Watch the video below if you want to see my QueenieKe review and squat proofness test.

2. My orthotic soles and a good pair of shoes

I have some problems with my knees because of bad posture and my orthotics really help me to stay free from pain. I still need to watch my form and posture but they definitely help. My shoes need to be firm, especially because I am wearing orthotic soles.

3. A (pink) towel

I don’t like people leaving their sweat everywhere in the gym so I won’t do that either. It is also obligated in my gym to use a towel. I always use a pink towel because it’s cute.

4. A bottle of water

I don’t only use a water bottle in the gym, I always have one with me. I used to find it very hard to drink enough but now that I always have my bottle with me, it’s way better! My favorite bottle is from STRK because it keeps my water cold for a long time. Click here if you’re interested in buying one of these. Unfortunately the color I have is currently not available.

STRK water bottle

5. Peanut butter

I try not to eat too much sugar so I almost never eat Nutella or other spreads. I think peanut butter is just as delicious (if not more) than Nutella. I always have 2 jars at home because I hate running out of peanut butter. I eat it almost daily.

6. Wireless earphones

I got my earphones during a collaboration and I always have them with me. To be honest, I don’t always listen to music because sometimes, I can enjoy the clearness in my head. Sometimes I also listen to podcasts instead of music.

7. A smartphone

I always write down what weights I used in the gym in my smartphone so the next workout I do, I know how much weight I should take. I also use my smartphone to look up videos in the gym if I am not sure about my form. Of course I also use my smartphone to listen to music or podcasts.

8. Spotify

I always use Spotify to listen to music or podcasts. I made my own fitness playlist. You can check it out below.

9. My Instagram page

This might sound weird but my Instagram really helps me to stay motivated. If I am not doing my best, I have the feeling I am disappointing my followers. I also love talking to my followers. I really feel part of the fitness community on Instagram.

10. My boyfriend

My boyfriend motivates me so much to go to the gym and eat healthy. He is not very into the healthy lifestyle but he does eat healthy and he always supports me.

That were the 10 most important things I can’t live without as a fitgirl! What is the most important thing to you? Let me know in the comments!



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