Review own design notebooks asked me to collaborate and I chose to review their notebooks. As a student, you can never have enough notebooks, am I right? I also like to use notebooks to set fitness goals, track my progress… is an online copy shop where students and non-students can print anything from their thesis, to books, reports and other documents.

I got the notebooks for free but in this article, I will give you my honest opinion on them.

When I first got the notebooks I was very surprised (in a positive way). First of all, the notebooks were printed in color on both sides which I didn’t expect. I thought it was only possible to get the front in color and not the back.

front of the notebooks

What surprised me the most was how accurate the colors were. I designed the front and the back of the notebook myself with Canva and the colors were exactly like I wanted them to be.

The quality of the notebooks is excellent and I love how shiny they are.

It was very easy to put my design on the notebooks with the online editor of

The delivery was like I expected it to be and the packaging was great.

my notebook and me

I chose to get the notebooks without lines so I can use it for whatever I want but you can also get the notebooks with lines.

inside of the notebook

To be honest, I can’t really think about anything I didn’t like about the notebooks so I think I have covered everything.
If you want to design your own notebook, click here. Click here if you want to check out the website.

Do you often use notebooks?

back of the notebooks



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