Review own design calendar

When sent me a message to try one of their calendars, I didn’t have to think twice. With the new school year starting, I was already looking for a calendar to have a good overview on all my tests, exams, presentations… and what is more fun than designing your own calendar?

I got this calendar for free but I will still try my best to give my honest opinion.

I used Canva to design my calendar. When I designed all the pages, I used the online editor from to put the pages in the right place.

What I liked the most is that you can completely design your own calendar. I wanted to have a calendar that follows the school year and since I haven’t found that anywhere else yet, this came in handy. I decided to put my visions and motivational quotes on the calendar to motivate myself. On the months I have exams, I decided to put some quotes, on the month my fatloss challenge finishes, I put a picture of one of my favourite fitness models, on the month I go skiing, I put a picture of my boyfriend and me skiing…

The delivery was fast and the packaging was nice too.

When I opened the package, I was very surprised (in a positive way) that the colors are so clear and exactly as they should be (you can’t see it very well in my pictures because I took them with my phone but you will have to believe me). The quality of the calendar is excellent.

The price of the calendar is 9,62 euros which I think is an excellent price for the quality you get.

The only thing that I can think of that wasn’t excellent was the online editor because I still used Canva first to make my calendar. You can do a lot more with Canva and it is easier to use for the design of the calendar.

To conclude, I would very much recommend this calendar if you are looking for something unique and good quality that isn’t too expensive.

Do you want to make your own calendar or check out the other products you can all personalize? Then click here. Click here if you want to check out the book page, which is their specialty!

Do you still use a calendar?



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