Review photo book

I’ve collaborated with a few times before and I’ve always loved their products. When they reached out to me to review their photo book, I didn’t have to think twice.

My boyfriend created a photo book on of our trip to Slovenia and Croatia in 2018. It was not our most recent trip but we had never made a photo book of it. Personally, I prefer watching pictures and bringing up memories with a photo book. I don’t look at older digital photos very often and I love having a book to page through and to show to my family and friends.

My boyfriend told me that the editor of is not that great. He had made a photo book before on a different website and he said the other website was more user-friendly.

However, when the photo book arrived, we were very happy. The packaging was great and the quality of the book is amazing. We didn’t let the photo book print on photo paper but the colors were still very good. We still prefer photo paper but we were very satisfied with the normal paper too. We would advice you to take lay-flat binding though because we regretted not taking that. The photo book would be easier to page through and the pictures would be more fluent with a lay-flat binding.

Overall, we are very happy with the photo book. I love having my memories close to me and showing my family and friends our travels with a photo book.

Do you want to order your own? Click here to create a photo book. Are you looking for a picture on canvas to decorate your home? Then click here to create a picture on canvas.



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