I launched my podcast!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I was planning on making my own podcast and today is the day! I launched my podcast and it is already available on Spotify. If you want to listen to it, here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/show/2LN7DdIokGMPYsgCUd5Wjs. It will also be available on all other platforms in a few days. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the podcast!

How to start doing yoga – with Debby the chocoholic

Debby has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I started following her on Instagram a few years ago. I really loved her yoga posts and I decided to give yoga a try. I am still doing yoga now. Not only her yoga pictures inspired me but also her blog and her mindset. When I started this blog, she was the one that helped me out. When I wanted to stop tracking macros, she was my inspiration because she found a way to enjoy food and have a good balance. I am so grateful that I have met her. In this interview, we will talk about everything yoga and meditation.

From an eating disorder to a healthy lifestyle – with Axelle Wilssens

I have been following Axelle for a long time now. I already met her in real life at the Bootytools launch. She's a super enthusiastic girl but unfortunately, her past hasn't always been great. Axelle already wrote a guest blog in March which has been read many times. You can find it if you click here. Unfortunately, it's only available in Dutch since I only started blogging in English a few months ago.