The tools you need to stay fit at home (and at the gym)

Disclaimer: I am helping BootyTools with their marketing and I get free products from time to time. However, I was not sponsored to write this post and will always try to give my honest opinion.

In Belgium, the gyms already opened but personally, I am not planning to go to the gym anytime soon. I don’t have a gym nearby and I am not really a fan of having to make a reservation, needing to keep my distance, taking an extra risk to get sick… I also really learned to enjoy working out at home and I am even considering to cancel my gym membership. I feel like working out at home fits my lifestyle better.

When I work out at home, I usually don’t use tools but if there are any tools I would use and recommend, it’s those from BootyTools. I have a few tools at home and if I decide to use them, I always pick those from BootyTools because the quality is just way better than my other tools and they are harder. I’ve been training for 4-5 years so some tools just don’t do the trick for me anymore because they are too easy. The tools also allow you to do almost the same exercises as you would do in the gym if you’re just a little bit creative.

The reason I am writing this article now is because BootyTools is having a relaunch on the first of July! I wanted to let you know which tools you can expect and which ones are my favorites.

Booty band

Booty band

I have the ‘old one’ in black and I have never tried a band with better quality than this one! This was the first product I bought from BootyTools. The band doesn’t roll up, it is super heavy, it doesn’t break… It’s definitely a must-have and I think the new colors are so much nicer. They come in marble and pink and you can get them in small, medium and heavy resistance.

Ankle weights

Heavy ankle weights

I also have the ‘old’ ankle weights. I like that they are so heavy (2,5kg each side) and you can use them for so many different exercises. The ones I have are black and I love that the new ones are more girly.


Heavy loop

I tried the ‘old loop’ and I liked that one but I think I like these even more! They come in pink (heavy) and marble (medium). I just got the pink one and the quality is amazing. It is heavy so it really makes the exercises more than challenging enough!

Foam roll ball

Foam roll ball

I haven’t tried this one but definitely want to get it! It’s a foam roll ball to massage your muscles, especially when you’re sore. I don’t always take the time to stretch (unless I do some yoga) and I think I would use this more quickly.



You’re probably thinking the same as I thought: what can be so special about a shaker? Well I’ve tried a few shakers but I really like this one the best! It’s good quality and I love the fact that it has a screw cap instead of a snap cap, which I think will be easier to use and more leak proof.

Other new products that are coming are the lifting belt and the barbell pad (which already existed but the new one will be pink). Like I said, I don’t go to the gym very often anymore so that’s the reason I didn’t discuss these. There is another secret product coming but unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit until we will reveal it at BootyTools. I’m definitely a fan so keep an eye on their Instagram page for updates! Click here if you want to follow them.

Do you want to get one of the products? The relaunch will take place on the first of July. You can click here to go to the website.

I hope I was able to help you by sharing my favorite fitness tools. Please let me know if you have any more questions or if you need help.



Pictures by JDP visuals, click here to go to their website.

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