Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

In short, the answer is yes but it will not be easy. If you want to know why and how, read on!

To lose weight, you need to eat less calories than you burn e.g. an average woman burns 2000 calories per day. If an average woman would eat 1800 calories a day, she would be able to lose weight because she is eating 200 calories less than she is burning (1800 – 2000 calories). However, when you don’t do any exercise, you will burn less calories e.g. you will burn 1500 calories instead of 2000 calories, which means you will gain weight instead of losing it with an intake of 1800 calories. You are now eating 300 calories more than you are burning (1800 – 1500 calories).

What you can do, is lower your calorie intake to 1300 calories per day so you will still be able to lose weight because you are eating 200 calories less than you are burning (1300 – 1500 calories). However, it will be a lot harder to only eat 1300 calories than it is to eat 1800 calories. This means it will be easier to lose weight if you exercise. Exercising burns extra calories.

Not only will you be burning more calories when you are exercising, there are also a lot of health benefits e.g. you will feel more energetic, you will feel happier… If you are doing strength training, you will also gain muscle. Doing strength training will not only burn calories during your workouts, but you will also burn more calories in rest because you have more muscle (having more muscle means your body burns more calories in rest).

Like I said, exercising will also make you feel happier and more energized, which means you will crave less sugary foods and also less food in general.

Conclusion: it is not necessary to exercise in order to lose weight but it will help a lot. You will feel better, more energetic, you will have less cravings, you will be able to eat more… So if you can, exercise!

Hope this helps. What is something you’re struggling with when it comes to weight loss?



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