How to create a healthy lifestyle – interview with Casey Pauline


I met Casey in a Facebook group. We were both looking for people to collaborate with so we decided to do an interview! We talked a lot about confidence and creating a healthy lifestyle but we also talked about competing. Interested? Read on.

Can you tell us something more about yourself?

I am a certified personal trainer and health coach. My expertise is helping busy women lose fat faster by creating 30 minutes workouts or less.

How do you eat out without feeling like you messed up?

When I eat out, I choose some protein and vegetables. I choose something lean and green. If I have pizza with friends, I make sure I eat enough nutrients throughout the day.

How to feel more confident?

You have to tell yourself things that you find positive or that you love about yourself. If you tell yourself things like that out loud, you will believe it.

How do you stop comparing yourself to others?

That is a tough one because we all do it. I think you need to realize that you are never going to be somebody else. You need to be you and it doesn’t matter what somebody else thinks or says as long as you are happy with yourself.

Casey Pauline Zack

You took a year off from personal training. Why did you decide to do that?

I took a year off because I had moved from different states so I didn’t have the clients I normally had. Also, someone at my previous gym said I was not a good trainer. I think she said this because she felt jealous because I was new and I was getting new clients. If someone says you’re doing something wrong, your confidence will suffer from it. I let her get to me too much but her opinion didn’t matter. I didn’t even live or work there anymore. My clients were all very positive about my services, it was just one person that said I wasn’t doing a good job.

Have you ever competed?

I did four competitions. My last one was in may 2016. I wanted to be an athlete instead of just playing sports. On Instagram, competitions were getting popular and it was something I really wanted to do in my life. I haven’t competed since because it was not a lifestyle to me.

Did you enjoy competing?

I did. It’s definitely a challenge. It’s very strict in terms of the diet, workouts and cardio. You’re not shredded all year round but I wanted to prove to myself I was able to do this.

So competing is not your priority anymore?

No. I never say I will never compete again because I think I want to compete one more time but I have no idea when that will be.

Casey Pauline Zack

How did you find a balance after competing?

I was so used to eating very low-carb. I would put on a lot of weight after a competition. It was hard to do it on my own because I didn’t have a coach that guided me to reverse diet after a competition. I only had a coach until the show took place.

You talk a lot about ‘no diet’. What does this mean to you?

It means you’re not stuck at one of those fads or quick fixes. You don’t have to be low-carb. Whatever works for you is what is typically going to work best for yourself. I am not restricting. I am not telling people to go starve themselves. It’s eating towards your goal. You need to eat healthy but also things that you like. Long term, it will keep you happy and healthy and diets will not. Everyone is trying quick fixes from one diet to another. You need to make it a lifestyle that doesn’t end.

How do you make sure fitness doesn’t take over your life?

It’s all about time management. I like to do quick workouts. I used to have my social life in the back corner. After that I planned 30 minutes out of my day to do my workout. If a friend wants to do something later the day, that is possible because I do my workout at the beginning of the day.

Why do you think it’s important to be vulnerable?

It makes it easier for people to be able to relate to you. It shows that you’re not a perfect human being. Especially if you’re an instructor, people will think that you never eat something ‘unhealthy’ or ‘bad’ and you are always working out. We’re normal people. We have days where we don’t want to go to the gym, where we eat pizza, where you’re not motivated… Somebody might be going through the same things you experienced. It’s all about showing people that you’re real and authentic. You are able to inspire people because you got through it.

Casey Pauline Zack

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

I think you just have to do it. You can’t let your fears bring you down. The only way to get over being uncomfortable is to push through it. A client of mine was scared to start her program because she’s not used to the workouts but I said to her the more you do things, the more comfortable they become.

How often do you need to change your workout routine?

I would say every 4-6 weeks if you’re doing a progressive program e.g. when you want to grow your glutes. You need to make sure that you are challenging yourself. You need to make progress each week by doing more reps, increasing your tempo… If you get bored easily, you might want to mix it up more often. If you have a specific goal, changing you’re routine too often might not be a good thing. You need to be able to make progress in your exercises. If you’re changing too often, you will not know if you make progress.

How do you stay consistent?

You need to make it a habit. If you focus on what makes you feel good, it will be way easier. If you focus on how much better you feel when eating healthy, your motivation will be higher. Keep doing healthy things over and over and then it will become a habit.

What are your best tips for students to find a good balance between studying, free time and health?

I would say prioritize and plan. If you want to be healthier and more into fitness, schedule two times out of your day where you can get in your workout. If you are going out for dinner, try having some protein and vegetables and the rest of your plate, you can choose what to add. If you eat healthy 80% of the time, you’re allowed to have fun the other 20% of the time.

Casey Pauline Zack

I really enjoyed this interview with Casey. I hope you did too! If you want to follow Casey’s journey or if you have a busy life and need some help, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook. Click here to go to her Instagram page. Click here to go to her Facebook page.



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