Becoming flexible with Bendiblebody

A few weeks back, I received Sofie’s new e-book. I was able to test this book for you. In this article I will tell you what I think about it.

About Sofie

I’ve known Sofie for some time now. I got to know her via Instagram and I’ve seen her in real life twice. She’s a super nice girl who always follows her dreams. I am sure she put a lot of work into this e-book. She’s a student like me and she studies media. Next to being a student, she’s also the owner of her own dance school. That means she probably knows a lot about stretching. She has been dancing since she was very young. As a woman who is super interested in business and entrepreneurship, I really look up to her.


This book was written to help people who want to become more flexible. It is meant for both beginners and intermediates. The stretches take around 15 minutes. The stretching program is 4 weeks and there is one rest day a week. To be honest, I didn’t have time to test the book as it is meant to be used because I had exams. I have only tested the stretching sessions of the first week yet and I did them in two weeks instead of in one.


Firstly, everything in the book is explained very clearly.
Secondly, what I liked the most about this book, is that there are modifications for all the stretches. When something is too hard for you, you can do an easier version. I also had some stretches that were rather easy to me and I could do a harder version as well. In the book, there are four different warm ups. There are two easier ones and two harder ones.
Another thing I noticed, was that the layout is very beautiful. It is always more fun to read a book when the layout is nice.
Sofie is a dancer and she is super flexible. I think she gives dance classes multiple times a week so you are learning from the best.
I’ve been doing yoga for around one year now and still, there were a lot of stretches I had never done before.
I had the feeling I was becoming more flexible after one week already, but I didn’t have the chance to complete the program and see the final result yet.


Firstly, the book is being marketed as ‘stretches you can do in 15 minutes’. Yes, the stretches itself do indeed take about 15 minutes but if you include the warm up (which is 8 minutes), it easily takes up to 30 minutes of your day with breaks included. This isn’t a problem but it is something you would like to know in advance.
Secondly, I am very fit but unfortunately, I still had to do the easy warm ups because the harder ones are not knee-friendly. If you don’t have any knee problems, it doesn’t matter but I would have liked a harder warm up that is knee-friendly. Of course, you can’t take everyone’s personal situation into account.
Thirdly, there were some stretches that I didn’t feel in the right places, but this can also be me.
I think a physical book would be easier to use than the e-book but luckily, there will also be a paper copy of the book available.


I can confidently recommend the book if you want to become more flexible without investing too much time! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it will take 30 minutes instead of 15.

Do you want to try out the book for yourself? Bendiblebody will be available on from the 18th of September 2018. The price of the e-book will be 17,99 euros and the physical book will be 24,99 euros.

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